Come see James Gaskin present Laptop Safety Seminars during the ITEC regional IT conferences in these cities:

Minneapolis (Sept. 10 & 11)

Los Angeles (Sept. 24 & 25)

St. Louis (Oct. 1 & 2)

Kansas City (Oct. 15 & 16)

Chicago (Oct. 22 &23)

Washington D.C. (Nov. 5 & 6)

Atlanta (Nov. 12 & 13)

Portland (Dec. 10 & 11)

Admission is free - register today.

Laptops are everywhere! Lower prices, higher power and the benefit of flexible working locations make laptops the ultimate high-tech/must-have tool for the modern computer user.

But wait! Many laptops are lost or stolen before they get retired. And if that laptop held the wrong kind of customer data, the whole world hears the story on CNN.

Find out how to protect your laptop at the Laptop Safety Seminar! You'll learn how to:

Outsmart laptop thieves.

Get lost laptops returned.

Guarantee no one else can read your private laptop files.

Backup your files automatically.

Protect your laptop from WiFi Hot Spot Predators


Our combined lecture and demonstration seminar format will teach you what to do and how to do it. Unleash your inner nerd and protect your laptop. Laugh and learn about laptop safety.


Do you have a PC laptop? We can help. Do you have a Macintosh laptop? We can help.

Nationally known technology expert James Gaskin, author of 17 books and small business technology columnist for Network World Magazine, will inform and entertain you using simple language, step-by-step instructions and real-life examples of laptop abuse and misuse.

If you care about your laptop or the information on it, you can't afford to miss this seminar!

Sponsored by FileEngine, the Safe Place for your data.

Featuring James Gaskin, a nationally recognized expert on technology for small and medium businesses.