Killer App: The E-Mail Trainwreck

Thanks for checking my E-Mail Management Policy!

I process e-mail every two hours or so.  I try not to check after hours or on weekends.  If your message is not urgent it may take one or two days for me to reply.  If your message is informational rather than asking a question don't expect a reply.  You may receive a reply from someone else if I delegate it.  

As a courtesy to you, I try to avoid sending e-mail after hours or on weekends unless it is urgent.

If it is urgent for you to contact me (or for me to contact you) let's use the phone.  My mobile number is 317-714-1913.  You can text me at that number too.  But please don't if it can wait for a phone call or e-mail.

Any e-mail you send me may be viewed by someone else - so it's not confidential.  If you want to exchange confidential material call me and we'll make other arrangements.

Sending large files via e-mail is inefficient.  If you want to send me a large file please consider using YouSendIt or another similar service.

If I don't reply in a reasonable time feel free to send your message again or call my office: 317-833-3000.  Veronica Bithell usually knows how to reach me.

Feel free to send me postal mail.  My address is: Kim Brand, Computer Experts, Inc., 101 E Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN  46204.  I check postal mail less frequently but the impact of a letter may be greater.